This past Labor Day 2013 I had a relaxing afternoon with a friend, meeting him on the Lower East Side for lunch. We feasted on pickles, pastrami, and gefilte fish. Afterward we wandered the streets reflecting on the history and changes to the area when we came across Freeman’s Alley, on Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie Streets. It was about to rain, but I couldn’t resist stopping to sketch and my friend went on to the uptown Subway. Two vertical sketchbook pages were a perfect fit for the scene as I watched stylish young hipsters come and go.

Soon the rain started but luckily most of the paint was on the paper.  Look close and you can see raindrops on the page. A great way to spend the last afternoon on the last official day of summer!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *